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Is it hot enough for you?

Well, lots of temperature records have been broken these past few weeks. Windows in offices, homes and various other places have been left open and the sale of ice lollies and ice cream have reached record highs – to the point that my local supermarket have run out several times.

Fans have been left on overnight, people are sleeping naked or if possible outside in order to cool down, trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Travelling on public transport, especially the tube, makes me feel like I am in a hot sauna and someone is having a laugh turning up the heat, knowing that I have nowhere to go. I left the house with a perfect hair style, after a few minutes in the tube sauna I look like a drowned rat – and I spent ages doing my hair!!!

The grass now looks like it has been starved of all its nutrients and is more like hay – at least it saves me mowing it.

The heatwave should really be expected, as it is summer, however, if there were some breeze along with the kilowatt temperatures I would be able to bear it. I don’t know how many litres of water I have drunk and changes of clothes I have had.

With temperatures at 31C and higher, I try not to moan when the sunny days are in the country, but….

Birds of the sky with bodies packed in,

for those who can afford to get even browner skin,

10 and 4 days of blissful pleasure,

in a country that has weather you can treasure.

Those of us left here sit in the pub and moan,

alcoholic grunts about staying in this place we sometimes want to disown,

“Don’t like this weather much, too ruddy hot for me.”

“Wait until it starts snowing, you’ll moan again you’ll see.”

Poem reference – The Season I smile


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