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International Literacy Day

With nearly four months of children being out of school and many returning back this and next week, the importance of them being literate is ever more pressing. With millions of children around the world not being able to communicate well; reading and writing, they are, unfortunately, at a disadvantage in life. Now the schools have resumed there is a pressing need to get all learners to a level of the year that they have entered. Over the next few months there should hopefully be lots of teaching assistants, home tutors and teacher support to help those who were, for whatever reasons, catch up on the work they have missed and give them the confidence to get back into learning again.

Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are. Mason Coley

Writing is the painting if the voice.


Mathematics is not about numbers equations, computation or algorithms: it is about understanding.

William Paul Thurston

Reading is the inhale. Writing is the exhale.


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