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Independence Day

On the 4th July, millions of people in this country will be celebrating Independence Day – not in solidarity with the United States of America, but their independence of being able to go to their local pub for a pint or two. Social distancing will be in place, however, accident and emergency departments will be on standby for those customers who will be the worse for wear. As lockdown in some areas will come to an end, having some independence of when and where we can go will come as a relief, especially, those people who have been isolating for several months and those in need to return to work. With the new found freedom, the new normal will hopefully, be much calmer and more in the moment for lots of people: less rushing around, spending time with family, communicating more and getting to know what are the important things in life. However, you decide to celebrate your renewed independence, I hope that it is safe, stress free and enjoyable.


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