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I love you – no words needed

My cousin had his 40th birthday party at the weekend, which was attended by family and friends from around the world. We live closer – 55 miles and decided to get a taxi to take away the strain of driving and be able to drink. On trying to book the taxi late afternoon, there were no drivers available. This went on for over half an hour. The party start time said 4pm, but we knew that there wouldn’t be many people there at that time, so we were not stressing about doing a walk in of late shame. Eventually, we got a taxi and a journey that should have taken just over an hour, took nearly two hours due to traffic. When we did arrive, the celebrant and his family had just arrived!

Hugs, kisses and smiles were given and the guests flowed in slowly but surely.

The love in the air for one person was evident in the way people paid tribute to him, the gifts given and the dancing. Sometimes, we don’t hear the words I love you from people but we can see from their actions that they do. It is always nice to hear the three little words, but it is always better to show it.


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