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I’ll do it tomorrow

Procrastination is something that stops a lot of people doing what they really need to do. It is easy to say I will do this... I will do that, but when it comes to the crunch, things don’t always get done. Fight procrastination day is on the 6th September and should be observed by not putting off the important things that you have been putting off. Generally, unless it is housework, I try not to put things off as I know I will, in the end have to do them. However, I have some labels to put on clothes and they have been on the dining table for a long time. I know that I will have to do them soon, as little, big man will need them for school, so…. I will eventually put some music on and pray that I don’t jab myself with the needle for the umpteenth time and get them done. Whatever treats you will use to motivate yourself to do the mundane things, whether it be chocolates, wine (in a small glass) or a takeaway – have fun. I’ll start it today, no, I’ll do it tomorrow, excuse me, is motivation something you can borrow? (this also applies to ironing) Poem reference: The Season I smile – No more excuses


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