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I can only but dream

Last Friday was a day of ‘bad luck’ and today, could be a day of good luck for one lucky person playing the Euro Millions Superdraw.

With a jackpot of approximately £114,000,000, someone will have a lovely start to the weekend. Sometimes, well, several times, I wonder what I would do if I had that much money. After recovering from a fainting episode and screaming the house down, I would conceal my ticket in a secure place and would not leave the house until it had been verified and the money was put in my bank. I think that I would sleep very well, knowing that I do not have to work for the rest of my life.

I can imagine my heart would be racing ten to the dozen and I would have written list after list of what I would buy, what to give to whom and where I could go on my next holiday(s). I would arrange a test drive in an expensive car, however, I wouldn’t buy it, as the insurance would be too much. But, then again, I could afford the insurance!

I would be looking up the names of architects to design my 10, no 20 bedroom mansion, with its 100 acre land, long driveway and multiple swimming pools.

I can imagine myself living in New York and getting my personal assistant to get on my private jet and get my favourite takeaway from Brixton.

All my clothes would be handmade and my shoes would fit my feet like a glove.

I would have endless parties and have some ‘friends’ complain that I haven’t given them enough! Even though I have paid off their mortgage.

So, good luck to those who are playing. If you don’t see my blog next Friday you know that I have won – BIG!!!


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