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13 weeks or so into lockdown and I have redecorated nearly all the rooms in my home and watched far more television than I want to admit to. Now, I have started going to my local park and jogging (more like a speedy walk) around it, listening to music on my headphones. Like many people who are not able to work during this pandemic, I have taken to exercises to clear my mind, give me something to do and to break up the day. Initially, on waking up, I look at the weather and hope that it is raining, therefore, I won’t have to go jogging. However, on the days that I have decided to go jogging the weather has been good, so no excuses. Once the two times around the park is over, I feel energised and very happy that I have, literally got myself off the sofa and done something. The aim is to go around at least 3 times and stop as little as possible. Linda van Aken, VP Running, ASICS EMEA says: ‘Despite the lockdown and social distancing measures, exercise and running in particular have become central to many people’s daily lives. Our study’s findings prove that a run is much more than just a run, especially in times of crisis. It’s a way for people to put aside the mental pressures and challenges of this pandemic and feel free.’ Jane McGuire-Runner’s World.

I am not sure that when the lockdown fully eases and the gyms are open if I will continue my cheap way of exercising or spend lots of money on a gym where I can be motivated by others. Whatever I decide, all the exercises that I have been doing has helped me enormously with maintaining a positive frame of mind.


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