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How many sleeps until Christmas?

As we come to the end of another month, this year has been a strange one. Children have spent nearly six months at home, away from their teachers, friends and some, their school work. Many workers have been furloughed and found new hobbies to occupy their time, whilst many more will have those hobbies for even longer as they now have no jobs to go back to.

Whilst the weather has been good for the most part, most people’s moods have been good due to it. It is going to be a little strange getting on the buses and underground and them being full with students and workers. Hopefully, life will get back to some sort of routine and we will think of those people who have passed away, pray for the speedy recovery of those who have Covid-19 and hope that the number of cases worldwide will decrease.

Part of the normality of the 9th month is seeing winter month celebrations being advertised in shops and on the street: Halloween and bonfire night. The countdown for Christmas has already begun. At the time of writing there are 126 sleeps until Christmas. A lot is going to happen in that time. Hopefully, no more lockdowns, possibly a Covid-19 vaccination, the USA election – with all its drama and the need to buy presents for Christmas.

Whatever this next month brings, take care of your body, mind and soul – it has been a strange ride so far.


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