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How are you? I hope you are well.

With the recently announced pandemic by WHO, the health of many people is the subject of many conversations. Do you still shake hands, kiss on the cheek or hug people when you meet them? Do you still go to public places with thousands of people or stay at home? Do you send your child to school and still go to work? Many questions, no real answers, except trusting the advice of the government and not the scare mongers. I hope that with all the media coverage that people still help each other, show empathy (to those who suffer from mental health; such as panic attacks and OCD) not fight over goods which they have taken plenty of, when others only want one or a few. I hope that we can display good personal hygiene and think of others and not just ourselves and not lay blame to a group of people due to the origins of the virus. I hope that my fellow homosapians behave to others as they would like to be treated. I also hope that there is a halt on the spread of the virus and that people will be able to continue with their day to day lives. All I can do is hope!


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