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How are you?

A question that is very often asked but the answer is not always listened to. With the Christmas festivities behind us, the dark mornings and lack of sunlight, coupled with the New Year, many people will be asked how they are and they may not be willing to tell the truth. The askee generally asks the question in politeness and does not expect an open and honest answer of ‘Not very good.’ The person who is being asked doesn’t want to bother the person asking with the lows of their life, therefore, suffer in silence with whatever problems they have. During this month of January, with new year’s resolutions being talked about and reflections of the past and hoping to do a lot better this year, the mental health of many people is an all time low. Starting with myself, if I ask anyone how they are, I am going to be prepared to hear their answer, which may be, ‘Not very good.’ I will not necessarily be able to help them with what they are going through, but they have expressed themselves to someone who is willing to listen and hopefully, they will be able to talk to professionals who can give them the full support they need.

Samaritans Telephone: 116 113


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