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How many sleeps until the schools close for the summer? How many sleeps before I can get a lie in? How many sleeps until I can go on holiday? With the weather getting a little better and the days longer it is a good time to start thinking about what activities the little big man will be doing during the long summer holiday break. Left to him he will be in his pyjamas day in day out sat in front of the television or playing games on his phone. Restrictions permitted he will be burning his energy in a day camp for a few weeks. Gets him out of the house and socialising. The school lie ins are going to be relished as 5:40am wake up alarms are no fun, especially when I am not ready to get up. There are many sleeps left until I decide to travel abroad, I think that staycations will be a possibility, however, I’m not sure of where to go. Any suggestions?


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