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Ho! Ho! Ho! Bah Humbug

12 days of Christmas they say, well, it seems longer than that, 

All the food, alcohol, chocolates and cakes are going to make one fat.

Don’t get me started on the family, who I haven’t seen for a whole year,

Exchanging unwanted gifts, I’m seething, they’re spreading Christmas cheer.

Auntie A will have too much to drink and Uncle B will start a fight,

I’m here until Boxing Day, it’s going to be a long day and night.

The children are not happy as Santa didn’t bring them what they asked for,

Their incessant whining and crying really is a bore.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Bah Humbug, this day’s been a pain,

Only 365 days left until we do it all again. Have a wonderful Christmas, however you decide to celebrate it. I will be cooking and enjoying the delights of 3000 plus calories that are mandatory for the day.


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