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Help, I need somebody!

I went to the gym last week after an absence of one month: due to work commitments (gym is open 24 hours) and recovering from a long lasting cold. Before the month break I was given a programme by one of the personal trainers and the programme made me work hard. On returning to the gym to do the workouts by myself, I forgot so much of what I was supposed to do, even though the equipment and reps were written down. I am sure that I did myself an injury by not putting the weights at the correct level. There was a man in the free weights area who was looking at me thinking, what is she doing? My silly pride stopped me from asking him for help. There are so many of us who go through life not asking for help with the little or big things and at times they eventually causepain and distress. If you don’t ask for help, you will never hear, ‘Of course, I can help.’ Next time I go to the gym and I have forgotten how to use a piece of equipment, rather than pulling a muscle I didn’t know I had, I will ask for help.


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