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Hello, Stranger

In less than a week my cousin and his friend will be coming over and seeing the sights of London and Paris. Then a few days after he returns to the States my other family members will be leaving the good old US of A to visit good old Blighty. I hope that the weather will be nice for their visits and they get to see all the sights they want. I will also be venturing out with the family members and doing the touristy stuff. Due to me not having been to the main attractions for a while they may be showing me around. I am looking forward to their visits, especially my cousin's children as it will be their first international holiday. There is something wonderful in greeting family members that you haven’t seen in a while and showing them around your neighbourhood. When they are here it will seem like they have always been here. And when they go back home, the memories will keep going until I see them again.


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