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Hard Work by Jason Tomlinson

Nothing beats hard work enthusiasm filled with drive

such hard work is the key that makes one truly alive

to be able to see what no one else can 

and problem solve with an original plan

to restore order where chaos once reigned

to understand what before could never be explained

will lead to such an ethic of action

that no other could understand the attraction

and they might say something like ‘wow you worked hard

your dedication never dropped guard!’

just let em think it but we both know

that that’s not right it’s just not so

cause hard work in its purest state

opens up every door and gate

does that sound like labour at all?

no! Hard work happens in response to a call

from One higher One better One who knows

and coming from Him you know how that goes

days weeks and months putting sweat on your head

but they only feel like moments instead

hard work like that leads to changing action

that's the hard work that brings about satisfaction.


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