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Happy parenting day!

On September 17th 2012, the UN General Assembly decided that Global Day of Parents would be held on June 1st each year. This day was made to honour parents throughout the world for their commitment to children. It has been observed annually since 2013.

So, for the past 4 years, I have missed out on the chance to celebrate myself as a psychologist, doctor, peacemaker, taxi driver, teacher, finance manager amongst the other hundred jobs that parents do!

It is hard when you have a child/children who, the majority of the time are testing your patience, seem very ungrateful for all that you do and leave you on your last nerves.

What to do when little KK or DD refuse to eat the food that you have spent hours cooking? Or you go on a day trip/expensive holiday and their behaviour is terrible. The list goes on. But each day billions of parents still give, show and administer love to their children and guide them on their way.

Parenting is not easy and the jobs listed do not result in a certificate at the end. I am sure every parent has been given (wanted and unwanted) advice on how to bring up their child/ren and several tongues have been bitten to the point of blood coming from it – to stop yourself from saying what you really feel.

‘You, however, are the expert on your child and get to make your own decisions about how to parent them in a way that teaches them to be independent and accountable while also being loving and respectful of your child and their needs.’

Parenting Responsibilities: 10 Things you are (and aren’t) Responsible for as a Parent. By Sara Bean, M.Ed. – Taken from: Empowering

As said by a very good friend of mine – “Kid’s, who’d have em?” Well, me, actually!

Enjoy your day!


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