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Happy New Year/Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year celebrations will be taking place in many cities around the world this weekend and London’s China Town will be one of the biggest celebrations. Having gone to China Town many times at the weekend when it is fairly busy, this weekend is going to be so busy with all the lanterns, dragons and dancing going on, that it will be hard not to be consumed by the celebrations of another culture which has firmly taken its place in British culture. Another event that will inevitably leave a lot of men out of pocket is Valentine’s Day on the 14th February. A day to send anonymous cards and flowers to the one you love and also a day for lots of couples to go for a meal that has been greatly hiked up and, in some cases, forced. Many years ago, when I did celebrate this love day, I noticed lots of couples who would sit across from each other and not talk. They had paid a lot of money to show their other half how much they love them and they seemed uncomfortable doing it. This year, the other half and I will not be celebrating with flowers, chocolates or gifts (I would be wondering what he had done wrong) instead, I will be working and meeting up with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen for a while.

I think that as a couple, one day of the year shouldn’t be reserved to show how much you care, it should be done every day. My other half has started to plead poverty!!!


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