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Global Forgiveness Day

Established to increase the goodwill among people, Global Forgiveness Day (7th July) asks everyone to try and set their differences aside and create a world full of healing and letting go of negativity.

It is believed that carrying the burden of pain and bitterness in our minds and heart costs much more than forgiveness. And this is the reason, why there is so much value placed upon forgiveness.

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour,

Forgiveness prevents their behaviour from destroying your heart.


Forgiveness is a choice we make.

Not for the benefit of the other person.

It’s not so they can skip away merrily into the sunset.

It’s for ourselves.

So we don’t carry around hurt, bitterness and anger,

They weigh us down, blur our vision.

Make our own journey slower and painful.

Forgiveness allows us to drop off all these things.

To no longer carry them with us.

To continue our journey lighter and more at peace.

By – Melanie Moushigian Koulouris

Forgiveness for others and also ourselves.


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