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Gifts to ourself

How many times have you given a gift to others and not to yourself? I have done this many times. I enjoy buying and giving gifts to others, however, I forget to get something for myself. I will be approaching a big birthday towards the end of this year and have given myself one of the best early presents I could – I have got a full time position in a company that I have worked in for years. The whole process was very quick – from initial contact to interview was 2 weeks. I am still in a little bit of ‘this is not happening to me’ mode. As, I was looking for something more stable, job wise before my birthday and have been working hard to save money in order to have a month off to do a course – the course is on temporary hold.

I was so nervous once I knew that I was going for the interview – I had to write myself little notes to relax and not say anything silly. Luckily, I was myself and I was successful.

I felt the fear and did it anyway.

So, what gift have you always wanted and going to give yourself? Maybe not today, but in the near future. You deserve it!


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