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Feels a lot like....

So, have you got into the Christmas spirit? Singing along to the songs in the supermarket? Buying expensive presents for some people who will want to return them? Done your Christmas food shopping? Been to your works’ party? Written all your Christmas cards? Well... if you have, do you feel that you are in the Christmas spirit?

During this time lots of people feel pressure to buy and do things they don’t want to do. To say no at this point of the year makes you seem like a ‘Scrooge.’ However, no one should be made to feel uncomfortable during this season. The spirit of Christmas is to show and give love to all, not to spend the most and then complain about it in the new year. The cost of living is biting and Christmas for many is not as important as heating your home or having food to eat. So, as much as it feels a lot like Christmas, it will be just another day for many.


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