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Feeling hot! hot! hot!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

By now the summer months should be well under way. However, this is England and the weather, literally, changes from one minute to the next.

I like summer for several reasons: there are lots of outdoor events, people smile more, I get to show people I have legs (but not too much) and I can use the excuse of eating lots of ice cream, as it will cool me down!

When it does get too hot, I prefer to stay in the shade as I sweat/perspire easily. It does amaze me, that at the first sight of sunshine, some people come out of their houses near naked. As mentioned before, the weather changes so quickly on this small island.

Summer is also barbeque time and it is always nice to catch up with friends who have been in hibernation during the dreary winter months. The drinks are flowing, my eyes get bigger than my belly from all the food on offer and the August bank holiday also means carnival time.

I savour the months of summer as I am more active and can burn off the one or two Magnums, Big Feasts and Cornettos that helped to keep me cool. I store the memory of summer smiles away, as when winter comes, they will be a rarity.

Poem reference:  The Season I Smile – The Season I Smile


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