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Fat Tuesday

Has it really been a year since I last had a pancake overloaded with lots of fruit and ice cream? My local supermarket will be stocking up on the packet and organic versions for Pancake Day. A day when Christians have the last day of feasting before Lent begins on the following day,  It's called so due to the custom of eating pancakes on this day, a tradition that comes from a time when any remaining rich foods were eaten on the day before Lent to use them up, and fasting begins. Last year I gave up chocolate, cakes and biscuits. My body was thankful for the rest, although, my brain kept on thinking about them. I am not sure what I will give up this year. Lent is not always about what you give up, but also, what you give. So, maybe, I will give more time to myself and friends and less time to the dreaded addiction to sugar. After 40 days, my hope is that I will be a recovering sugar holic, although, I wouldn’t bet on it.


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