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Family Time

When was the last time you saw your extended family members? I have several living in my country and abroad, however, there are some cousins I haven’t seen in the flesh for nearly 6 years. Travelling with the little, big man to see some cousins in the US has been really good. The journey to see them has been long, crossing different time zones, but the feeling of actually seeing a family member is priceless. With one cousin, we walked far to see monuments in the capital. We walked, talked and laughed for many hours and got reacquainted. With another cousin, their family has doubled since we last saw them, with 6 cousins to see, rather than the smaller number of 3. They are all aware of who we are and it is lovely to hear their laughter, squabbling and playing together.

Family time, is very precious, especially living so far away from each other. There is shared history and memories, which are priceless.


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