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Family, family, family

From the 17th of this month people in England can hug each other after not being able to do so for nearly 15 months. Who to hug first? That is the question. The next question is, how long to hug them for? Make up for lost time, or just enough that they can feel that you have missed them?

Hugs are wonderful; they are a greeter, a sign of reassurance, a sign of joy, a sign of empathy, a human form of communication to show love. I am looking forward to giving my first hug to a family member, friend and depending on my mood a stranger – joke!

International Day of Families is on 15th May. A day that will be tinged with sadness and joy. Lots of things have happened to millions of families around the world. Some was expected and much was not. For some, being around family members is going to be wonderful as Zoom calls are not the same as being around your loved ones.

Whatever you do on this day, enjoy as much as possible, as family (as much as a pain some members can be) they are ours for life.


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