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Don’t stress the stress

Many people feel stress at certain times of the year or all year round. If stress gets overwhelming it can cause mental health problems, emotional exhaustion and physical illnesses that can impact every aspect of life. I try to avoid stress as it makes me irritable and likely to say and do things that I shouldn’t. The 7th November is International Stress Awareness Day, a time to: drink green tea, exercise, meditate, have a hot bath, eat mood busting foods (for me that is chocolate), go into a relaxing room, have a massage, listen to music and get a good night's sleep.

Music is my main go to, to de stress as I can believe that I can sing better than the fantastic singers that I am listening to, also, I dance around the living room pretending that I am a fantastic dancer. After ten or fifteen minutes of hurting my own ears with the sound of a strangled cat and being out of breath, I can reflect on what I was feeling stressed about and it no longer seems so important. So, I hope that you are able to find your go to, to de stress and, ‘Dance like no one is watching.... sing like no one is listening.’


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