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Don’t give up!!!

I started my driving lessons when I was 17 and took my first test and then my second at 18 years old. Due to finances, I didn’t take up the lessons again until I was 32. The third and fourth tests made me not tell anyone what I was doing as I felt very demoralised. I am a person, who, when given a task, likes to complete it. So, one day in September 2005, I told my husband that I was going for another driving lesson, when in fact I was going for my second test with my current instructor – who jokingly said that I was making him look bad for not passing – no pressure, then. I returned home and told my husband that I had passed, he didn’t believe me until I showed him the pass certificate. This memory has been brought back to me recently, due to a close friend passing their test on their 2nd attempt. I want to tell lots of people about their achievements, however, they want to keep quiet about it, as they believe that they should have passed it a long time ago. Regardless of how long your path to achievements take, keep going, as it is better to start and eventually achieve than to not start at all. Also, there is nothing wrong in letting others know when you have achieved, as they will be happy for you.


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