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Don’t bank on it 2

Another bank holiday on Monday 28th May and the beginning of the school half term holiday for many.

This bank holiday started as the Monday after Pentecost – the 49th day (seventh Sunday) after Easter Sunday. This is known as Whitsun or Whit Monday, however, it was replaced by a fixed bank holiday in 1967.

So, what do to with another bank holiday? Venture on the motorway to go to the beach? – no. Do the gardening? (the weather is expected to be good) – no. Start the spring cleaning, again? – no. Have a barbeque? – no. Watch a box set/catch up tv? – maybe.

In reality, I will get up late, have a fried breakfast, get ready to go out but then procrastinate about what to do: there will be crowds, it will take too long to get there, it will cost too much etc. I have a day off from work: why would I want to do anything that will exhaust me.

So, the day ends and then I will have to think of ways to keep the youngster occupied until it is time to go back to school – Spring cleaning and gardening comes to mind for the child and the box set sounds very good for me!!! Now, which one will I start with?


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