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Doing what you didn’t think you could do.

How many times have you wanted to do something but were too scared. Scared of failure, scared of not achieving your goal.

The new year has only been here for just three weeks and I have done things that I wouldn’t normally do. I am hoping that they work out, if they don’t I wont have any regrets, as you miss out on all the chances you don’t take.

It is not so much as new year, new beginnings – but new year, newer way of thinking.

Being scared of doing something new can be quite empowering when you take the leap and it works out. If it doesn’t work out, there are no regrets.

Is there anything that you have always wanted to do, but been too scared to do it? As long as it’s not hurting yourself or anyone else, what is stopping you? You never know, it might be the best decision you have ever made.


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