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Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Oktoberfest will be celebrated in lots of cities from 5th - 22nd October. For some it will be a chance to try different foods, music and entertainment, mainly German. It will also be a chance for some people to 'catch up' on their drinking!

Drinking socially and within your limits is generally, socially acceptable. However, what I do not understand is drinking to the point where you have forgotten the day/night that you have been planning for weeks and friends tell you what has happened. I would like to know, when, how and who I made myself a fool in front of.

The minimum age for entry is 18, however, the events organisers are working on having a family day. It will be interesting to note how many young people will be taking a sip of left over beer.

N.B. Non-alcoholic drinks will also be on sale.

Poem reference: Why Shouldn't I Cry – Drink up?


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