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Best friends forever!!!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Last weekend, I met up with some very good friends of mine. Some I haven't seen for a few months and a couple only a few weeks ago. We went to a restaurant and had food and drinks. Whilst waiting for our order we chatted, laughed and on a few occasions, got stared at as we were laughing too much and too loud.

What I love about my friends is that, no matter how little we see each other, we pick up from where we left off.

Friends have come and gone but true friendships last the test of time. Even though, at times, with life it is the same ole, same ole, life has blessed me with these friends. I am so happy and proud to call my friends, Queens – Quaint, Unique, Elegant, Extraordinary, Natural: they have seen me cry, smile and belly laugh.

So, if there is a friend that you have been thinking about but have been 'too busy' to see: text, phone, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, email, write, tweet, them to let you know that you are thinking of them.

Life is too short to not belly laugh with friends.

Poem reference: The Season I Smile – Queen and Girlfriends


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