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Are you a poet and don’t know it?

October the 1st is an important day for all budding and established poets, as it is a national day to celebrate poetry. From singing/ saying Roses are red, Violets are blue... to reciting Maya Angelou's Still I Rise. Poetry, is enjoyed by many people. 

Poetry inspires us to observe the world we live in and to think about the roles we play. Poetry allows us to bravely share our innermost feelings even during times when we don't feel especially courageous. National Poetry Day provides a snapshot of a particular moment in time that encourages us to be more than we think we are. It reminds us of the common bonds we share as human beings. Taken from: National

Music is also poetry and is enjoyed by millions; a song, hymn, recital, instrumental piece can uplift a person from a bad mood to a more positive one. International Music Day is also celebrated on the 1st October. So, during the beginning of this month, I will be celebrating and embracing two of my greatest loves. One I can write and the other I wish I could. I will be playing my music loud in celebration of all the great singers, songwriters, musicians and composers who have uplifted me over and over again. Enjoy!


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