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Annual Leave – take it or leave it!

The majority of workers in this country are entitled to annual leave. But how many people take it? Depending on the company, the leave time can be generous. It can be taken whenever you want or has to be worked around the road map of the company.

I have taken annual leave and travelled abroad and other times the leave is just to stay at home and literally do nothing.

I find that there is something nice about taking time away from my employment and doing nothing. No deadlines, no emails to send or respond to. Pure bliss.

There are a lot of people who do not take their annual leave due to the busy load that they will come back to, however, I believe the break away from work can make you more productive and work in a smart way.

For our own mental health and well being leave time should be taken, whether it be to travel, catch up on DIY, see family or take a break from the dreaded deadlines.

None of us should work hard and not play hard. Life is for living.

So, when you hear others talking about taking half a day off here or a week off there, and they look refreshed, and if you haven’t done that, try it. It is very refreshing.

Take a break, before you break.


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