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And the countdown begins

What gift do you give to a person who has been in the same job for 70 years? A watch? Some flowers? A gift card? A few days off? On the 6th February 1952 Queen Elizabeth II began her reign as Queen of the UK and many Commonwealth countries, the Coronation happened on the 2 June 1953. Millions of people in the UK and elsewhere will be celebrating this milestone of seven decades of service by having street parties, drinking, eating, dancing, and dressing up to celebrate the first and longest serving monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. Her life has been filled with many difficulties, however, she never resigned from her post. Whatever many people’s opinions of the Royal family, Queen Elizabeth II has stayed in the position a lot longer than many would have – despite the criticism of many family members divorcing, scandals, having taxpayers' money to fund their lifestyle, the list goes on. The Queen has a place in many people’s hearts, as she is the only Monarch they have ever known.

So, from the 2nd June – 5th June, enjoy your festivities and congratulations to the Queen.


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