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And the countdown begins!!!

The Christmas lights on the high streets are up, as is the usual Christmas tree. Christmas music is playing in all the shops, on a loop! Shopping trolleys are filled with the usual Christmas treats and people are deciding whether to have turkey or beef for Christmas lunch.

Restrictions have been relaxed around the festive season to allow families to come together and celebrate the birth of Christ. There will not be the usual Nativity at the local church or church hall. No Christmas carol singers knocking at your door. And, no Christmas markets – an opportunity to buy most things German and French. This ‘New Normal’ is a little weird. There are going to be lots of tears on Christmas Day as families remember loved ones and especially, those who died due to Covid-19.

I hope as a nation and people of the world, we can reflect on what Christmas is all about and reflect on the things we are grateful for and have faith that when the next countdown begins, we will somewhere back to our ‘old normal'.


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