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Bullying, unfortunately, has been happening since the beginning of time. Whether emotional, psychological, verbal or physical, it is not right that children and adults go through this pain everyday. 10th October is National Stop Bullying Day. A day for people to reflect on the way they talk and treat people and to be united in their respect for everyone. Bullying in schools accounts for a lot of self harming and depression and in some cases death by suicide for several children. Adults in the workplace are also not immune to bullying and go through similar ‘coping’ methods as children. Every person should be free to be individuals without the fear of being subjected to criticism on what they are wearing, how they look or their beliefs. Everyday should be National Stop Bullying Day.

Extract from Thorn in my side – #whoami:

You’ve never been strong just aggressive and weak,

you’ve never liked me because I’m kind and meek,

my self-respect and confidence have been taken away,

but I pray to God that they will come back some day.


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