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A few weeks ago I attended the funeral of my friend’s mum. Obviously, funerals are always sad, however, the service and tributes were fitting to the lady she was – funny, full of life and kind. It is very hard not knowing what to say and do to comfort the bereaved.

Then two days later, I celebrated the 30th birthday of a different friend's sister. The celebrations started on a party bus which took over 25 of us around Central London for over 3 hours. I learnt a skill of how to dance whilst trying not to fall over from the bus manoeuvring around corners or stopping abruptly. The celebrations didn’t stop after the party bus terminated – twelve of us decided that the night after 1 am, was still young and that our dancing feet were not ready to call it a night.

So, until the hours of 3.30, I danced. I was the designated driver, so did not drink. I didn’t need to, as I was high on life. I arrived home close to 5 am and felt like a young woman. Although, later in the day my body told me otherwise.

On reflection of the two contrasting events of that week, I know that life has to be lived and enjoyed. Each moment is precious and so are the people you share those moments with.

So, in this new year, live, laugh and love well.


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