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Updated: Jun 15, 2018

For the next month, several games of football will be played and lost. Lot of fans and players will be crying over their team’s performance. Many managers from the side lines will be shouting and screaming at their players and chewing gum incessantly without biting the inside of their mouths.

Whilst, those who are not really into football will be wondering what all the fuss is about; especially, when a colleague arrives late or leaves early to watch men kicking a ball around and we are left to do all the hard work.

There will be sweep stakes on which team will win and the obvious ones sometimes bowing out very early, creating shockwaves amongst the bookies.

Pubs will be overflowing with men and women wanting the companionship of cheering their team on. Lots of alcohol will be drunk, the amount will depend on how far each person’s team progresses.

And there will be me. Trying to get the little man to do his homework and the big man to do his share of the housework. They will both ignore me, until I ask, ‘What is the offside rule, again?’


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