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Normally around this time of year, people will be getting ready for an extended weekend due to the first May bank holiday. Due to VE 75th anniversary celebrations, this has now moved to the 8th May.

So, what to do with the tradition of having a bbq, stocking up on alcohol, having friends round and banking on terrible weather? Due to the current situation, the bbq can still be had at home with family members in the household, the alcohol can still be drunk (although, it may not be classed as an essential food item), friends can be invited to the bbq via Zoom, WhatsApp or Instagram viewing. The weather is the one thing we have no control over, although, going from past May bank holidays, it is likely to rain.

Also during this bank holiday, lots of people take on DIY projects which have been neglected for a long time – with the prolonged time at home and boredom setting in, repainting the bathroom or bedrooms, fixing the lopsided shelf and the like is sure to be on the top of the list. Hopefully, all the would be DIY enthusiasts will take care when wielding the saw and hammer and going up and down the ladders. Otherwise, it will be a non bank holiday event to the hospital that they will never forget.


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