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Goodbye. Au revoir. Ciao. Auf Weidersehen.

However you say goodbye, can be very hard. Whether this is friends or family members who have moved away or died or work colleagues who have left.

When friends and family move away, at least you have their address to visit or phone them regularly, but it is not the same as seeing them in person.

When someone dies that last goodbye is very important for both parties. When the death is unexpected, the ones left behind can hold a lot of guilt on how they last left the departed person.

When a work colleague leaves to take another job, especially after spending so much time with them each day, the feeling can be overwhelming. Who will you talk to about the perils of work tasks? Who will you talk to over coffee in the staff canteen?

That parting goodbye, although it may not be your last, needs to be said as if it is your last goodbye. So, give that big hug, kiss on the cheek and wish them well. Text or call when you say you are going to.

We only have a limited number of goodbyes.


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