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How many times have you done a good deed for someone, held a door open, offered up your seat on a train or bus and not heard the word thank you? These two little words go a long way to making you feel good about yourself and what you have done. Not hearing it can make some people’s blood boil. Simple manners do not cost anything. As humans we don’t have a limited supply of thank you's that will expire after a certain time, so I am not sure why some people feel the need to save them. Saturday 15th September is National Thank You Day – so, some people have 24 hours of saying thank you for random acts that have been done to and for them. However, as polite as the word is, I am sure there will be a few people on hearing the word Thank you, who will look at you oddly, like you have dropped out of space, as they are not used to hearing it, or even saying it themselves. I would like to say thank you to those people who read my weekly blog and encourage me to keep going. Merci




Obrigado Poem reference: Things that make you go hmmm… – Thank you


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