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As the second lockdown takes place in England, it can be hard to think of anything positive to take from it. Not going out to see family and friends. Not doing the early run of Christmas shopping, not going to the gym and for many people, working from home or no work at all.

Family and friends will be once again getting dressed from the top upwards to have their Zoom chats. Online shopping will be the next best thing to walking amongst hundreds of people to find gifts. Local parks and pavements will be filled with people getting in their daily dose of exercise: weather permitting. Kitchen tables and spare rooms will be occupied with the office paperwork and will have a do not disturb sign on the door.

For many, this time will not be a look of positivity, but of despair, desperation,  hopelessness,  anxiety, anger and shock. For all those people, I hope that the support you need is available as soon as possible. As, we are all in this together, however, many people have experienced worse than others. I am hoping that there will not be a 3.0 lockdown.

Take care of yourself and each other.


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