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Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Like a lot of people who work freelance, I am working a lot now to ensure the days when there is no work around the Christmas period does not affect my finances.

As tired as I am with the dark, early morning starts and late night return home, I am very grateful to have a job. Working affords me the little luxuries in life after paying my share of the household bills.

Unfortunately, at this time of year, with the weather getting colder and wetter, I am noticing a lot of homeless people around train and tube stations. I find it hard to comprehend that there are so many people, due to circumstances, sometimes, beyond their control who have to sleep in doorways and rely on handouts from the commuters who are busy going about their day.

From having conversations with my colleagues, the consensus was to give food rather than money to the homeless – we rightly or wrongly felt that we didn't know where the money would go: drugs or alcohol. So, it is times like this, when I have come out of my warm bed, had a good breakfast and have the prospect of work that I truly appreciate working. Being homeless can happen to any of us and I do not take my present situation for granted. Poem reference: Things that make you go hmmm... – Treader.


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