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24 days and counting

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

The countdown has begun; the shops will be open later, the work place parties will begin, secret Santa has been arranged, restaurants will have their Christmas menus prepared, the shops will be playing the usual Christmas music, schools will be rehearsing their Christmas 'nativity' production, Christmas markets will be in town, the Christmas card list is written - should I sent one to my Great aunt, even though, I haven't seen her all year?  

Mince pies and festive chocolates, food and drinks will be on sale at discount prices. Brussel sprouts are waiting to be bought and people searching youtube to find different ways of cooking and enjoying them.

The Christmas tree, real or fake is available to buy. Blackpool illuminations are put outside houses, or maybe the modest just put them around the indoor tree. Holly, Ivy and mistletoe are found in shops and markets in abundance.

The turkey, chicken, goose, duck, lamb and trimmings have been ordered and the Christmas cake is getting prepared.

The first and second door of the advert calendar has been opened and the chocolate eaten; children would have sent off their wish list to Santa, parents are spending a fortune going in search of him in Lapland and credit cards will get a hammering......

In all this preparation, I hope that people remember the real reason why we celebrate December 25th.


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