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I like to write poems to motivate, inspire and guide people.

If you “think” of something you want to do and you “believe” you can do it, you can eventually “achieve” that goal. It may take some dedication, but you can make it through life's difficulties and challenges. Whether an emotional or physical crisis or overcoming disturbing reflections of the past. It is possible to move from ashes to beauty – from weakness to strength.

My collection of books are a mixture of uplifting, emotional, relatable, funny and reflective; simply written poems.
a young woman writing

Wrote my first poem at the age of thirteen,
Was too embarrassed to show it to anyone, didn't want it to be seen,
Bit by bit, I started to write more,
Was I any good at it? Well, I wasn't quite sure.


Was commissioned to write a poem, was nervous, but thought,
what the heck, Was so happy to be paid, I still have a copy of the cheque,

As more people were told about me, I really elevated in self-esteem,
It was then that I started to visualise my poetry dream.


I had poems published in anthologies where I had to pay,
Vanity publishing didn't benefit me,
so I thought I could get my message out another way,

I looked into self-publishing but that was too dear,
What if I had all these books and couldn't sell them? That was a fear.


I pondered on having my books on Amazon, but their percentage was a lot,
Some days I got frustrated, I thought I was losing the plot,
It became my waking and sleeping thought,
I was beginning to get obsessed,

I told myself to calm down, you've waited this long, don't get stressed.


In November 2016 I met a man, who said he could help me fulfil my dream, 
A plan was set and we worked very well as a team,
On the 21st April 2017 my dream came true,
The dreamer had her head in the clouds, but eventually it came through.

Think. Believe. Achieve

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