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Time out

For the past 3 months I have, by choice, been working 7 days a week to complete 42 reports which are now all completed.

I have decided to take the rest of August off to recharge and enjoy some of the summer – when it comes. In the news lately, several Olympic champions/athletes have been talking about taking time out to protect their mental health. The comments that I have seen and heard about these human beings being weak, not up to it etc, is very sad to hear. Someone taking time out is better than them burning out. I really don’t understand why mental health is not talked about and understood as much as physical health. Is it that the keyboard warriors have never experienced mental health problems or encountered anyone who has, in order for them to say such negative things about another person. What is so wrong in taking a break from a very stressful, physical and mentally draining job, where you are judged by millions if not billions of people? Those in ordinary jobs have the choice to take annual leave/personal days, so why not these athletes? I am not taking a mental health break, however, if I continued the hours I was doing for the past three months, my mental health would be at breaking point and I would be no good to myself or those around. So, if you need time out for an hour, day, week or month, take it. As no one knows you need a break more than yourself.


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