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Sunnier days

Now that the weather is getting a little better and the early mornings are not so dark, I am starting to think about summer holiday travels. 

My cousin will be travelling over from the States with his friend, who has never left the USA before, in May. They are embarking on a tour of Paris before taking in the sights of London. I can imagine the feelings and excitement my cousin’s friend is and will be feeling embarking on new experiences. 

I always find that my mood is a lot happier when the days are not so dark and dreary.  Many days I leave home for work when the birds haven’t yet awakened and arrive back when the moon is out. So, the thought of brighter mornings, even though the weather is not warm makes me think of planning my summer break away.   

I am not sure where we will go, it depends on Brexit – whether we have to get new passports and pay a silly amount for them, or to stay in the UK, where, despite the unpredictable weather, has beautiful places to visit. 

In the meantime, I will be watching lots of travel shows to help me decide where will eventually go.


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