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Season, reason or lifetime?

New Year, new decade, old friendships. I have made a conscious decision to see and maintain my old friendships, not just by text or WhatsApp, but by physically seeing the person. Before Christmas I met up with three childhood friends from my home town and we occupied the restaurant for over 5 hours, laughing loud, reminiscing and catching up. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and we caught up from where we all left from, several months earlier. Recently, I met up with a friend who I have known for over 18 years, we had a nice catch up and said that we should meet up more often than once every 18 months. 

There are several other friends and families that I will be meeting up with in the next few weeks - I had to pen them into my diary, otherwise, before you know it the year has come and gone and I haven’t seen several people for years. I know that we are all busy with our day to day lives: we may also live far from our friends, however, as I have learnt, seeing friends is very good for our mental health. We are able to share a history that no one else will understand, we can laugh as loud as we like when hearing their stories and they will also laugh with us. People come into our lives for season, reason or a lifetime. My friends came into my life during various seasons, stayed for a reason and now I have made many lifetime friendships that I intend to maintain.


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