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Reflections on the past year

Looking back at my blog this time last year, I wrote if there will be peace on earth? Not yet? If the US president will be impeached? That is going ahead. Will Brexit happen? Not yet. Two things that I can reflect on that I was able to have control over, were that I went to the gym, not consistently, but I went and that I was happy. Happiness is very subjective. I am happy when my friends are happy, doing well and enjoying life. I am happy that I have a job to go to that gives me the finances to buy and pay for the basics and some luxuries in life. I am happy when my poetry and art makes others smile and gets them to reflect. 2019 for many was a very difficult year, I hope that 2020 will be better. Again, I do not have any set resolutions, just to strive to be positive in my outlook and attitude to life, which I hope will be contagious to those I work with and know. Happy new year and decade!


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