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One world

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

With all the atrocities going on in the world, it can sometimes seem that living in my own bubble is nice.

The floods and hurricanes around the world, endless wars, displaced people, famine, the list goes on. Some tragedies are down to 'nature' and several are by mankind. I sometimes avoid reading newspapers or watching television as the news is very depressing.

Some of the leaders around the world are acting as if they are entering an alpha competition: posturing, seeing who can destroy the other country first without a thought for the citizens of the world. Sometimes, I think that all those who hate others enough to bomb, starve and commit other heinious atrocities should be sent to Mars so they can fight it out amongst themselves!

I find it very difficult to understand why one person wants to kill another due to the colour of their skin, beliefs, sexutality etc. I know it is not all black and white and the sun does shine ocassionally.

One world, one people.

Poem reference: #whoami – I


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