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May... May... May

The first of the two bank holidays in May is on the 3rd. Hopefully, it will be warm and families and friends can meet up in parks and relax. With it being May, it might rain, so bank holiday films will be the order of the day.

I remember bank holidays of old, when I used to go to a nightclub for a bank holiday special. Sometimes there used to be special acts singing, which was good, as years later I have been able to say that I saw them at the beginning of their career.

May bank holidays, for me are a bit of a reflective time, as it is part way through the year and lots of students are taking or getting ready to take exams which can determine their future. This May will be a contrast on the previous year as all assessments will be marked by teachers, who have been doing a fantastic job of keeping students educated.

Come what may, I hope you enjoy this bank holiday, whether it be in the park, eating in the grounds of a restaurant or pub or simply watching films.


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